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Operation Hours : 

Thursday - Saturday 4 pm - 2 am

Sunday - Wednesday 4 pm - "until"

Happy Hour : 

Monday - Friday 4 pm-7 pm

Welcome to Bowen House

Specializing in classic and modern classic cocktails.


Valet located on Howland


verb, formal, humorous

drink (alcohol).

"they were imbibing far too many pitchers of beer"

synonyms:      drink, consume, quaff, guzzle, gulp (down)

Everything we do in the kitchen, using subtle textures and flavors, seeking out the freshest ingredients, has the same goal: to enhance and elevate the core of the dish. Dallas is quickly becoming a constant source of creativity from which we draw. We combine this creative energy with our own French cooking techniques and a sense of global inspiration, while always paying homage to the ingredients themselves.


Please note that we do our best to bring you the freshest ingredients which sometimes means our menu changes due to avaliblity of product, or changing items to be in season. 



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